About Daleel Tadamon
Why Daleel Tadamon?

Lebanon has been struggling with several interconnected crises, on a political, economic, social, health and environment levels. Deeply sunk in nepotism and political corruption and heavily depending on economic rent and external exports, with few or almost no productive sectors, the country is suffering from economic and financial collapses with the Lebanese Pound dramatically losing its value. Given the political and economic volatility and turmoil especially after the Beirut Blast, poverty and unemployment rates are increasing, social safety and security are jeopardized, consumer goods’ prices are surging, and the social gaps are further deepening. 

With the state not assuming its role and due-diligences and with the absence of socio-economic policies rooted in the people's greater good and interest, it is of utter importance to stand together in solidarity socially and economically, and prevent policies leading to further impoverishment of the community and exclusion of people from decision-making processes.

Daleel Tadamon's members believe that economic democracy is a fundamental pillar in establishing a real democracy. 

Decades of weak governance, mismanagement and fragile, corrupt and unproductive economic and political systems had led to destruction and multiple crises we are struggling with in Lebanon. We, the people, have a role in contributing to rebuilding and reconstructing Lebanon, especially economically, on the basis of democracy, justice, equity and productivity. 

Daleel Tadamon is an initiative that supports and encourages solidarity initiatives, collectives, micro, small and medium-entreprises which sustainably invest in its resources with the aim of empowering and increasing local communities' resilience, economically and socially.

  • mapping
    Conduct offl­ine & online mapping of all “bottom-up” economic and solidarity projects in Lebanon
  • identifying
    Document all projects by specifying location, sector, activities and structure.
  • connecting
    Connect economic and solidarity initiatives/groups and promote co-operation/collaboration between them.
  • supporting
    Expand existing solidarity structures by creating a self-sustaining ecosystem, that supports all its members, on various levels: know-how, technical and legal support, market and media exposure, etc.
  • initiating
    Help initiate & promote the creation of bottom up economic and solidarity structures in new areas and topics.

Daleel Tadamon collaborates and receives support from organizations and individuals with whom it shares its vision to positively impact the local economy. Our main partner and primary supporter is OXFAM, an international organization that has been working in Lebanon since 1993. OXFAM provides humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people affected by conflict, promote economic development and good governance at a local and national level, supports women’s rights and supports local partners in their efforts in contributing to the protection and empowerment of marginalized women and men.


Economic Alternatives Do Exist! It's Time to Adopt them